As with the Narcos slot, Netent acquired the exploitation rights of a well-known brand, that of the saga of the popular fictional character Conan the Barbarian, which before having Arnold Swarchzeneger as its protagonist on the big screen back in In 1982, he was already a known hero after the success of the stories written by Robert E. Howard in one of the most popular magazines of the 20th century in the United States, a pulp genre publication that brought fantasy literature to a society thirsty for adventure and hobbies.

This classic fantasy character has also had an important role in fiction literature, comics, cartoon television shows, video games, and role-playing board games. So that is more than enough reason to ensure success in one of the most popular online casino games in the world: internet slots or online slots.

In this article we will try to highlight the strengths of the Conan slot and we will compare it with other online slots both from the same manufacturer (NetEnt) and from other developers. In addition, we will point out the functionalities related to prizes and bonuses, to also place this slot in the context of adventure and fantasy slots.

Features of the online slot Conan

The Conan slot machine is a slot that we could define as a videoslot – just like the Bonanza slot – since the visual component and the power of design and graphics is undoubtedly its most outstanding feature; Not surprisingly, much of its success is based on trying to transport the player to one of the landscapes and environments that both in the comics and in the different Conan films have delighted millions of fans of the adventure genre.

As we have already said, Conan is a videoslot created by the star provider in the international market NetEnt, which, as with Big Time Gaming or Yggdrasil, has in its portfolio of casino games, titles that are highly recognized especially in online slots both in of slots free and slots for real money and slots with jackpots.

Although Conan was released in 2019, the reference that most players have when choosing this game is the 1982 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger “Conan the Barbarian.” So that said, the main strength is having a resounding and well-known character.

Regarding the slot format, it is a 5-reel, 20-line slot machine, so the player’s attention can be focused on the visual effects and how the designers have replicated the fantasy world of the universe. Conan in the movies. And it is that having only 20 pay lines makes it a relatively easy slot to follow and with a much more affordable payout table and bonus functionality for even the non-regular slot player who prefers online blackjack tables or roulette. And let’s not kid ourselves, normally the titles of characters or films as well known as the Ozzy Osbourne slot are the favorites for less common players in online slots.

Prizes are awarded through 10 figures, something common in many slots. Half are figures from the deck of French cards, and in another group we would have the thematic figures.

Leaving aside the bonuses, it is convenient to know the basic terms that we are going to talk about later and that will serve to understand the way of operation and management of prizes of this slot.

The “Wild” elements, which are replacing all figures prize, running for all purposes as the joker or wild cards in card games.

The “Scatters”, which give the right to rounds of free spins that will allow us to expand the prizes achieved.

Conan: paradigm of online adventure slots

One of the factors that explain the success of an online slot machine is the genre or the theme. If we have characters of recognition in popular culture like Conan, then we will have every guarantee of success when it comes to finding a game that people like.

In any case, in addition to videoslot, we can categorize it as part of the adventure slots. A segment of which we have already seen numerous examples in our online slot reviews section. Although at the level of adventure slots there are many subcategories depending on the chosen scenario: epic adventures of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece or the Vikings; fantasy adventures in invented worlds such as the Jumanji slot or slot machines that use collectives or characters such as pirates, elves or comic superheroes as the motif of their adventures.