In today’s article on our online casino games blog, it’s time to make a new review of one of the most important slots in the industry. Specifically, from the Street Fighter II slot, a title that will remind many of the golden age of arcade machines, but which in the middle of 2020 has become one of the best adaptations of a video game to the online slot format.

In this article, in addition to giving the basic characteristics of this slot and reviewing the tips that every fan should follow to enjoy this game that we will soon have in our online casino, we will review the history of the slots and compare their evolution with the genre of arcade machines, which for years shared physical space with arcade machines in gambling halls and casinos. 

As we see in this thematic index, in the article we are going to talk about many things. all of them interesting from the point of view of the fan of games, video games and casino games, but also for anyone who has concerns to learn more about hobbies and forms of leisure in the last three decades.

Brief history of slots

The world and the gaming offering of online slots has many years of history and does not only go back to the boom of online casinos as one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet. And, as we have already seen in articles such as those that review the reality of traditional slot machines, the slot machine sector dates back to the end of the 19th century with the appearance of the first mechanical games of chance in which running a device, usually with a coin, you could get prizes randomly.

It took more than 60 years for Bally Technologies to create the first powered slot machine with an electrical system for the management of prizes and with a mechanism that allowed the automatic payment of coins without the need for the help of a dealer or a member of the staff. of the casino or gambling establishment.

The popularity of these machines served so that with the improvement of technology the electronic slot machines appeared in the following years. Without dwelling on the characteristics and evolutions of these physical slots, in 1996 we found an important novelty that would mark the future of online slots: the birth of the first slot with a “second screen” located on the same machine and which could be accessed if a certain combination. This machine together with the evolution of video games would mean the beginning of online slot machines with built-in minigames. This game is called in the slang of the sector, “secondary game” or “bonus game”, being a scenario and game that is activated as long as a certain number of ‘scatter’ is previously achieved in the same line. In that secondary game the prizes for which it is played are substantially higher. It is in the secondary game where the real big money is.

Types of slot machines

Although we usually deal with online slots, for now we are still talking about what physical slot machines are like. In other words, the slot machines that we can find in USA lounges, bars, restaurants and casinos. Obviously, in each country there are particularities at the legal and development level of the industry of the manufacturers of these gaming products. In USA, as in Italy, its popularity is enormous; while in the United Kingdom fixed odds terminals proliferate in a similar way to online roulette or card games.

Focusing on our country, current legislation divides the types of slot machines into three classes. Depending on which one of them, certain prizes may be offered and they may be located in specific places.

Type A machines: they are hobby machines where there is no chance or prize. For example, table football or billiards.

Type B machines: in this case they are gambling machines, here most of the slot machines are included, which are linked to cash prizes and are therefore subject to greater fiscal and access control by the authorities. These machines are found in gaming halls and in bars or restaurants, although with limitations imposed by each of the 17 autonomous communities.

Type C machines: they are slot machines with higher prizes and their access is restricted to people who go to a gambling casino.

In online slots, there are also several types of slots although in this case the division is thematic, finding for example adventure slots, horror-themed slots, fruit slots such as the Fruit Shop slot, classic slots. Another categorization is whether or not they have minigames, or if they have progressive jackpots.

Arcade machines

With all that has been said so far, we could be tempted to consider that slot machines are synonymous with arcade machines. But this concept is much broader, and popularly encompasses all the games that could be found in competitive halls. Among many types we find slot machines or slot machines, arcade machines – which we will talk about later – but also family entertainment machines in which you can get random prizes or show physical skills such as throwing objects.

Coin games based on the skill of the player are also called recreational.

In short, arcade machines are a global term that groups different games but it has been with the arrival of the internet that they have achieved a new, more appropriate definition, including video-pop, videobingo and scratch cards, all of them in online format and that remain be grouped in sections of slot machines or slots, the most popular denomination in internet casinos.