If you are starting in the world of Poker, perhaps there are still concepts that are not entirely clear to you. Don’t worry, we understand you, the world of gambling and casinos can be very complicated as there is so much to learn, read and understand that it is overwhelming at times.

We are here to help you, that is why today we will present a concept that you should take into account if you want to have good experiences playing Poker, the Kicker. Next, you will be able to read more about one of the less known concepts that is very important and useful in the world of poker.

How can we define a Kicker?

Although it seems a bit complicated to understand this concept, in reality it is not because a Kicker is a tiebreaker method, yes, it can be tied in poker, quite common used in games between friends, physical casinos, online casinos and houses of bets.

Basically the Kicker consists of a tiebreaker card which is intended to help decide who is the winner. This situation, in which players have hands of the same value, is very strange, so seeing or using a Kicker is not so common.

Suppose we are playing a game, all Ok until an ace comes out on the table, and we have an ace with which we complete a pair, and our opponent also has an ace. This is an atypical situation in which we have to resort to a kicker.

What proceeds would be to see what cards each player has in his hand, in this case I may have a two and my rival, the one with the other ace, has a 6. The Kicker would be 6, since this card, being that of higher denomination, it becomes the tiebreaker.

What is a kicker for players?

Although we have already defined what a Kicker is, according to the rules of the game of poker and how many bookmakers and casinos handle it. For the user, the concept of Kicker may be different if you look at your hand.

Perhaps among all those cards there is one that does not fit, that does not represent more than a surplus. Well, in the event of a tie, that lone card would be a Kicker. Do you remember the previous case? If we have a solitaire 2 that doesn’t help us at all and we draw, that solitaire two would become the tiebreaker kicker.

Who determines the Kicker?

According to the international rules of the game of poker, the Kicker will be the remaining card, so to speak, from each player’s hand, determining the winner the card that is bigger. For example, between a 4 and an 8, the 8 wins.

In the case of online casinos and internet betting houses, you do not have to worry about calculating the Kicker as the system, or the Dealer if you play at the Live table, will determine it automatically, in this way the winner will be chosen.