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Win a Trip to Space with XCOR (i.e. My Worst Nightmare Come True)

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I have two recurring nightmares. The first is that it’s the first day of school and a series of obstacles get in my way to prevent me from getting to class on time. The obstacles vary nightmare to nightmare. One time, it was a hallway that got longer and longer, preventing me from ever getting to my classroom, no matter how many steps I took. One time, it was a series of individuals who stopped me in the hallway to chat. They were literally coming out of nowhere. And one time (this is the worst), my mother died in my dream and I couldn’t go to the first day of dream school because of her funeral. Stress and heart-ache all around. These are nightmarish enough, but the other recurring nightmare I have is by far the worst.

In the other, I dream that I win a free trip to space. In this dream, I am delivered the good the terrible news and, over a span of a few dream days, am briefed, trained and eventually loaded into a space shuttle against my will, bound for space. That’s where the nightmare ends. I’ve never actually seen space in my dream. It’s not a nightmare because of deadly explosions or failed attempts at take-off. It’s a nightmare simply because I do not want to go to space. Neither in my dream world or in my real world. I think I despise space, and I do not use the word despise lightly.

With the exception of satellite technologies that have given us the iPhone and Google maps, I would rather the world’s money go somewhere else, not to exploring unknown universes and to demoting planets. Besides being a federal money-suck, space is also freaking scary. We don’t know what’s out there. And I am willing to bet whatever we find will probably not be to our benefit (again, except for the iPhone). For example, when the space expedition team went to Mars a few years back they had to permanently quarantine the shuttle and all its equipment upon return because it was possible the crew had carried back to earth some space amoebas that could WIPE OUT HUMANITY if we are exposed to them. C’mon people. Space? Not worth it.

For years, this nightmare was terrible enough to have to experience in my sleep, but at least I knew that it was only a fictional threat. A trip to space was not realistically feasible and thus I did not have to fear it outside of my dream world. Until now.

California-based rocket builder company XCOR Aerospace has officially made my fictional nightmare world a feasible reality. They have developed a space plane that takes off and lands from a normal airplane runway. But instead of delivering you to a connecting flight in Denver, this plane takes you to space. SPACE. OUTER SPACE. To make the threat worse, the first seat on XCOR’s space plane was awarded to a lucky attendee poor bastard at Comic-Con. Mercedes Becerra is about to live out her dream/my nightmare. Her ticket to space is valued at $95,000. With tickets to space at that steep price, at least the threat is still fairly unrealistic for me. That is, unless I win one, like at Comic-Con. The good news is now I have at least one more reason not to attend Comic-Con ever. Comic-Con would be multiple nightmares come true.

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