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What if Jesus was gay?

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Twitter is the new History Channel. Growing up, whenever a major Christian holiday came around they would air some documentary showing that the gospels were wrong, Jesus wore hammer pants and lead an alien race of people. Fine, none of that is true but what is true is the exploration of something pertaining to the Bible or Christianity and it would get my 12 year old conservative feathers all ruffled.

With the invention of twitter these documentaries and articles exploring similar topics emerge much quicker and sometimes even go viral. Viral sounds much worse than it actually is, but in this case it raises some interesting questions.

Paul Oestreicher  gave a Good Friday sermon where he challenged his congregation to consider the idea of Jesus being gay. He admits to being familiar with his “liberal” audience and their general attitude towards an idea such as this as…I get the vibe they didn’t care that much. But, the point he seeks to make and I want to draw out is this;

Whether Jesus was gay or straight in no way affects who he was and what he means for the world today. Spiritually it is immaterial. What matters in this context is that there are many gay and lesbian followers of Jesus – ordained and lay – who, despite the church, remarkably and humbly remain its faithful members. Would the Christian churches in their many guises more openly accept, embrace and love them, there would be many more disciples.

This raises an excellent question. How would this affect your faith if Jesus was a homosexual? Without getting into the nuances of the claims that Oestreicher makes (They are worth exploring and disproving if necessary). His point stands strong. His point being:

that Jesus may well have been homosexual. Had he been devoid of sexuality, he would not have been truly human. To believe that would be heretical.

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