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We all pledged to not even look at the opposite sex until marriage right?

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If you grew up in the church like I did then you probably went to a True Love Waits rally or The Silver Ring Thing or my personal favorite, “Don’t look at the opposite sex until you are married to them day!” Seriously though, this is an issue that many churches, pastors and youth pastors wrestle with. How do you effectively and appropriately talk about sex with high school students. It’s a tough issue. You don’t want to create an attitude of shame and misunderstanding of something that is really very beautiful. However, 15 year old Matt was not the sharpest tool in the shed and would have made poor decisions.

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Here’s a really interesting interview on this topic from a self proclaimed “Lapsed Virgin.” Read it. Think about it. Talk about it. Tweet about. Facebook about it. Text about it. That is all.

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  • Thanks, Matt. I love love love that interview.

    favorite lines/thoughts:

    “Especially the way that it gets played out sometimes within the church: the idea that guys give up their virginity because they can’t help it when there’s a girl in front of them, and girls give up their virginity only because they’ve been pressured. Girls don’t get to want to have sex, ever, within this framework.”

    ” But of course, sex is one of those infinite-variety things. And I guess when you have sex, you figure out what kind of person you are, regardless of your beliefs.”

    “Mostly I’ve come to really believe that there aren’t as many hard-and-fast lines as we used to think there were. There isn’t anything you can predict about a person by their sexual history, their religion, or lack of either.”

  • also, favorite reader comment:



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