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Voting tomorrow?

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It’s no secret that the election is coming soon. To be clear, it’s tomorrow. I, for one am glad that this time of the year is coming to an end. I am an avid internet reader. I have carefully cultivated my twitter feed to provide me with something to read at any point during the day. On the toilet, waiting in line, in the car (SHH!), where ever I am I like to fill the time with a quick article or finish a longer article. In all of my consumption of the non-stop machine that is the ‘World Wide Web’ I cannot handle another politically charged article. Another article that says that Mitt Romney is a a friend of the 1% and capitalist superman. Or one that says that Obama is the devil, socialist and promise breaker. Also, the occasional Ron Paul supporter still trying to breathe life in a campaign that never really had any steam.

I’m ready to go back to reading other articles.

I’m also tired of seeing the Memes poking fun of their facebook friends who write politically charged status’. Also, I’m tired of the meta-memes making fun of those previous memes. Stop the madness! Stop the Meme-ness! (I couldn’t help myself)

In this madness I have noticed something. I have noticed that I read a lot of the the same things, supporting some thoughts that I have about a given topic. I often frequent The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, CNN and The Guardian. The latter two try their hardest be somewhat non-bias but rarely accomplish it. The former are pretty unabashed in their leanings, which is fine because they aren’t hiding anything. But, here’s my problem with myself.

I never read Fox News, The Drudge Report or…I don’t have a third to list because instead I am looking at leftist leaning magazine’s because it’s cool, new and interesting to me.

Why don’t I seek out a third? Mostly because those sites are irritating and I often feel like they are trying to create something out of nothing. But, the point still remains, I am not reading things from the “other side.”

Is this concerning to you? It is a little to me. If I am being honest, I have a feeling that a lot of people reading this article are guilty of this same thing, on both sides of these polemical issues.

So, what if I collected here a selection of articles that might be worth reading on both sides? You know what, I will.

- Tony Jones tells you why he is a Christian Independent

- Here’s another article explaining why someone is a Christian Democrat.

- Here’s a little article, written by the Daily Beasts Andrew Sullivan works through some data explaining why Obama might be the favorite.

- Apparently a lot of newspapers that supported Obama in ’08 have endorsed Romney. 

- There is this picture.

- Romney is thinking about tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow…I don’t understand time and tenses.

- I have voted for Obama, I am a fan. Here are some essays from others (some names you’ll recognize) who will also be voting for him. 

I’m not sure I really accomplished the task of a fair and unbalanced collection of links. Sorry, I tried. There were a lot of stinkers that I didn’t include here.

Do some research yourself, get educated. Vote.


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