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Those that thirst…

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The desert is a dry and hot place. I haven’t experienced this personally, but I have done the next best thing: watched it on television.

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During an episode of The Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild, I virtually trekked with Bear Grylls through the dangers of the Mojave Desert.

Bear, being the perfect model of masculinity, battles against sandstorms and flashfloods, takes on the world’s most dangerous snakes, and dines on fish and goat testicles.

Unfortunately, there was one thing that Bear could not accomplish despite all of his skills and training. He could not find water. In a moment of desperation and with no other option, Bear took out his empty water bottle and with a cringe on his face… urinated into it.

This was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on television, but I couldn’t look away as the warm yellow liquid spilled onto his cheeks as he took gulp, after gulp, after gulp.

Recently I’d been feeling a connection between my spiritual life and the life of Mr. Grylls. Like Bear, I have been living in what feels like a desert for a long time. I have managed to battle through some storms, avoid dangerous pitfalls, and even feed myself. Unfortunately, like Bear, I also knew that something vital was missing that would keep me alive. I had been living without the body of Christ, the Church, and I knew I wasn’t going to survive well without it.

So last Sunday I went to church.

I sat quietly before God.

I listened to the others worshiping around me, their voices softly washing over me.

I enjoyed hearing the Pastor’s gentle encouragement to his listeners to enter into a deep and loving relationship with God.

And during the closing prayer I realized something. I wasn’t thirty anymore.

Sometimes going to church is like drinking your own pee.  It might not always be what you expect, but it will keep you alive.


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