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They’re Back

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Mad Men is back. And so is the hype.

And it is good.

If you’re already “over it” then skip this post. The information I’m about to provide will only serve to make you roll your eyes. Whatever. Haters gonna hate.

For those of us who have been anticipating the gorgeous, moody cast’s return to AMC since 2010 (or, perhaps more autobiographically correct, for those of us who watched the first four seasons over a short span of 3 weeks in January of this year but have been waiting impatiently nonetheless…) this post is for you.

Some Mad Men goodies from ‘round the webz:

-Photographer James Minchin photographed the Mad Men set. The resulting black and white images are gorgeous.

-Librarians at the LA Public Library have made some literary recommendations for Mad Men fans, encouraging fans to put down the cigarettes and old fashioneds and pick up a book instead. Though Jon Hamm (Don Draper) has very different advice for fans.

-Janie Bryant, costume designer for all five seasons of Mad Men, shared with the Atlantic the creative process behind dressing Don Draper and Joan Holloway and the difficulty of a fat Betty Draper Francis.









-GQ’s recent interview of John Slattery (Roger Sterling) is a good read (though I’m slightly partial to the portraits).

-In the most recent episode (season 5, episode 3), Henry Francis’ character created some Twitter drama by slamming the now-deceased father of current GOP presidential hopeful Mit Romney by calling him a “clown”. Naturally, the Romney family reacted via Twitter coming to the defense of their dead grandfather. The writers of Mad Men seem to be thoroughly unshaken by the drama (a la Don Draper) and thus the pot is successfully stirred. The Huffington Post reports on the not-so-scandalous scandal. Were Mad Men writers just taking a playful election year jab at Mit Romney? Or were they perhaps providing serious, intentional commentary on current politics. Does it really matter? It’s just funny to watch people get mad on Twitter.

To get you sufficiently hyped for Sunday, here’s a confusing yet satisfying trailer for episode 4.

For those of you who missed the premier of season 5, AMC has posted the full 2-hour episode here.

And, while we’re at it, for those of you who have yet to begin your Mad Men fandom altogether, Netflix has all 4 seasons on Watch Instantly. You. Are. Welcome. But don’t come crying to us when you’re two seasons in and can’t stop boozin’ and drinkin’.

p.s. I didn’t mention season’s 5′s introduction of Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman), the new copywriter hired to work for Mohwak Airlines, because I don’t like him. I guess mostly I’m confused. Are we supposed to like him? He might have to lose the madras jacket before than can happen.

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