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The Wardrobe Every Man Wants… (Or At Least Should Want)

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As much as I love reading The Public Queue, the “fashion” section of the blog seems quite sad and neglected.  Being an aspiring fashion photographer and consider myself to be an amateur fashionmonger, I figure I’d take it into my own hands and contribute.

Now the title of this may be misleading, as there are probably many men who would never be caught dead in the clothes in this post.  In my opinion and noticing the current trend of Americana Leave it to Beaver style, a good amount of fashion interested men would fill their closets with this collection.

But I digress.

Without further adieu, here is the Fall/Winter 2012 Gant Rugger Men’s collection by Michael Bastian.

So here’s the run down:  There has been a steady uprising of the appreciation of Americana style over the past like 5 or 6 years.  Fitted suits with the skinny tie.  Cardigans and plaids and stripes and classic color combinations.  Oxfords and brogue leather shoes with wing tip perforations.  Let’s face it, when we see a guy wearing some slim fitting pants, worn-in leather cap toe shoes, a nice tweed blazer (possibly with leather elbow patches) and a boe tie, finished off with thick rimmed glasses and side parted mane, a lot of fashionable men take note of the certain swag he possesses.  Gant Rugger’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection is where it’s at boys… and don’t even try and act like you don’t want it all.


 Plaid sport coat.  Crew neck sweater with a classic oxford shirt and linen tie.  Dressed down with a simple red knit beanie.  Perfect.

Let’s talk about that coat and sweater.  Military canvas coats are a must have guys.  If you live in a warmer climate like I do here in LA, get one that’s not lined and is lighter.  Live in a colder area, then grab a heavier one to bear the frigid temps.

Now a sweater with a pattern.  Since now every year we all are receiving invites to about 12 different “Ugly Sweater Parties”, the so called old fashioned wintery stitching on winter sweaters is making a comeback.  Embrace it my friend.  Don’t think you can pull it off?  Do it anyway.  You’d be surprised how you can pull of subtle and tasteful tackiness.


The 2012 Pantone color of the year was “Tangerine Tango”.  You’re going to see a lot of it all year.  It might be bright but just like the patterned sweater, just go for it.  It might shock some at first but just walk into the room like it’s no big deal and the gasps and whispering might turn into napkins with ladies numbers in your pockets, if you know what I mean.

And is that another military parka I see?  This time in army green.  Point emphasized.


Suiting. Just make it fit. Don’t wear it if it doesn’t. At least you visit a tailor. Everyone’s different so the designer can only do so much to make the suit fit
properly. And make it a little fun. Wear a patterned suit. Use a bold patterned tie. Or use a tie with a pattern your grandpa would use with a more modern fitting suit.


Coats & layering.  I love coats.  I’m a little obsessed actually.  I have an entire quarter of my closet (which is not very big mind you) of different coats.  I might just have this one soon to add to the collection (maybe with my tax return).  The camel color is awesome and the cut makes it possible to dress up or down.  The navy and red belt is everything.

Probably my favorite look is the one on the right.  Maybe because the coat is something close to perfection and made my hairs raise a little.  Fur collar is awesome.  A lot of you probably disagree but whatever.  I’d rock a fur collar.  Also, yellow is where it’s at for me these days.  Especially the somewhat toned down mustard yellow.  I look like I’m a bald guy with a small head when I wear basically any type of hat so I probably wouldn’t do the beanie, but the gloves… yes please.  Gloves in general.  All of them.

The guy on the left is heavily layered.  I think that’s pretty awesome.  It’s easy to go overboard but it you have buttons and ties and collars it can look great.

So there you have it.  Just something to start putting something to chew on in the fashion section of The Public Queue.

P.S.  Sorry ladies.  This post was a little one-sided. But also… you’re welcome for making your men (or potential men) better dressed.

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