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The Future of Education

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“The Only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.” -Benjamin Franklin

Education is changing. Schools are now giving away their courses on line for free. I’m not talking about schools like Bob’s College in Florence, South Carolina. I’m talking about Harvard, Yale and MIT. Yea, those guys. These schools are growing more and more aware of the power of the internet as well as people inability to pay crazy tuition bills, especially since the Federally Subsidized Loan program has been removed. If someone signs up for one of these classes it is treated like a class, what you will not receive is a degree. However, giving those away as well doesn’t seem that far off either.

So, the question is, what is the future of education? At least how it has been done in the last 50-75 years here in the States. The system is broken.

The system at point looked fairly foolproof. Step 1: Go to a nice college. Step 3: Get a good job. Step 4: Get married & have kids Step 5: Send your kids to a nice college. Repeat. 

Over at The New York Times they have an article and a video discussing the rising price of education and it seeming need to change. The interview follows recent college graduates who have stepped into the job market and found nothing except their huge amount of debt.

College presidents across the country are confronting the same realization, trying to manage their institutions with fewer state dollars without sacrificing quality or all-important academic rankings. Tuition increases had been a relatively easy fix but now — with the balance of student debt topping $1 trillion and an increasing number of borrowers struggling to pay — some administrators acknowledge that they cannot keep putting the financial onus on students and their families.

What do you think? We have all been raised in the traditional university system. What if higher education functioned more on a free basis but the job market worked on a meritocracy?

I don’t know, I’m just spit-balling with you here.

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  • Matt – I’m curious, how would you define meritocracy with the current job market in the U.S.?

    • Good question Nate, I’m not really sure. If you don’t mind some rambling, maybe more emphasis placed upon experience, resume’ or a portfolio of past work. This could be aided by a college degree, but necessarily required. However, there are certain careers that I would prfer some sort of traditional higher education, like medicine. But, with the portfolio idea it would allow people to show that they are capable of completeing the taskes of a certain job even without letters behind their name. No doubt though, this is a tough issue, I’m glad I’m not in higher academia having to wrestle it out.

  • What do you mean by ‘higher education functioning more on a free basis?’
    Should schools only accept those students with 50%+ tuition paid for, or are you suggesting they lower their rates? No matter the case, we ought to expect a drastically different educational landscape in the next twenty years (it already is from the ’80s or the ’60s).

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