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Television for Your Heart

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There is a lot of research to support the theory that watching television has some connection with being unhappy.  Studies say there is a correlation, but whether television leads to unhappiness or unhappiness leads to a lot of television watching is still unproven. That’s a really thought provoking statistic for all of the glass half full go getters out there…  Those with the self respect and motivation to come home from a hard day at work, head hanging low, and veg out by picking up a book and reading for the night (Not that I don’t enjoy a good book)… good for you.  But what about the rest of us?

So, say you’ve had your heart trampled on.  Your lover, the most precious thing you had in your arsenal of feeling good has become a stranger to you.  You feel shame and guilt so intense that standing up and walking outside feels so monumental that you can’t even entertain the idea of going to work or school or ever even grocery shopping again…   But then, you get out your old worn out box set of Gilmore Girls, season two, and you get to watch Rory cry her eyes out over Dean, and you feel for her so much that for a moment, you forget your own heartache.   Your brain is literally switched off while you are tuned in.   Everything is going to be okay.  If you can feel this good right now, maybe it is possible that later on in the future, you will feel this good all the time

Sure, time in between episodes is hard.  Those terrible hours that you have to spend doing the dishes or taking out the garbage or brushing your teeth feel long and slow, but the comfort of television is unchanging.  It’s OK that you have a long day at work today; your friends will be waiting for you (Even after your ten hour shift.)

The ultimate cure for a broken heart isn’t time.  It isn’t self-love or quiet contemplation or cutting all of your hair off.  The cure is to keep your mind afloat.  Talk to God when you feel unhappy.  Make yourself a cup of tea, and then dry your eyes and indulge in a little alone time with people who make you laugh again. (Even if they aren’t real.)  Unlike my hometown, nothing will change in Sunnydale.  I can return to Stars Hollow right now and find it exactly as it was six years ago.  Good luck to you, broken-hearted friends.  May all your racing minds find peace and quiet.


Editorial Update: An earlier version of this post said it was written by Matt Johnson. That was a mistake. The Dinosaur is very sorry.

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