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Staying on message…

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The White House’s original message for this week was to be student loans and economic issues. In case you were unaware here is the headline many graduate students received, Congress has eliminated the Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loan program for graduate students effective July 1, 2012. 

This is what the White House planned on talking about this week. Then, Joe Biden spoke up this week on Gay Marriage and forced everyone at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to speak up. On tuesday North Carolina passes the Amendment on banning Gay Marriage. Yesterday, we all know that Obama went on ABC and “changed” his opinion on Gay Marriage.  This is a great example of why sometimes it is difficult for politicians to get something accomplished. They planned on discussing one thing and then a Vice-Pres and a State don’t follow along.

Anyway, during this obviously divisive time around a difficult issue there have been some great responses and critiques of the issue as well as what larger meaning the issue may (or may not) have in culture.

Next week there will probably be a new major issue that occupies the hearts and minds of everyone. There will be something that infuriates the Left and Right creating a larger divide, but let’s not forget that ultimately that this issue – along with many other issues- pertains to people and their relationships with someone they love. This conversation isn’t over, nor it should be. But, let’s keep it in a good, meaningful place.


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