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Six Months Later…

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We have reached the six month mark and we are taking a step back and looking at this thing. We are having a blast doing this daily (5 days a week), but we want to work smarter, not harder (but harder too, we’re not lazy, God…). We would like to ask you a few questions. We want to know what you want to see more of? What have you liked so far? Do you like our featured articles? How about the blurbs? Do you like creative content or when we interact with content found elsewhere? Here’s some other thoughts:

  • What has been your favorite article so far?
  • Would you like more religious content? Christian? Other?
  • What about viewpoints that are not Christian? What if we had men and women from other faiths and backgrounds contributing?
  • More audio and video?
  • Would you like to see more culture? Viral videos? Reviewed films, books, television shows, albums, etc.?

We are considering advertisements and starting a kickstarter campaign to raise money to pay writers, offset website maintenance as well as aesthetic touches on the site. Would you give 10, 25, 50 or 100 if we had sweet prizes for each? We are excited about the directions this site has taken and want to continue with it as long as possible.

This website could not be run without the help of others. Billy, Simon and Matt depend on your participation in writing, sharing and conversations for this site to live in the way that we envision it. We believe a kickstarter campaign is the next step in this community. As editors we collectively put 100’s of hours a month to run the site as it looks now. We would love to raise money to offset these costs as well as continue to improve upon the site’s design, function and ease of use. Your contribution will help us reach a wider audience and continually push new and exciting content.

So what about advertisements? We want to be careful in how we venture into this. We love the way the site looks right now. We do not want to crowd the site with ads that flash or jump out at you each time you log on. We want to maintain a clean site. However, we have friends that are doing some exceptional things. Things that are creative and intend to change the world. We want to be able to spread the word about their mutual ventures in creative advertisements. If we keep ads to a minimum or with companies that we believe in, it could help with supporting our vision in participating in culture. Not only in an academic way, but in real practical ways.

These are questions we are wrestling with. We want your help in our thinking, would you answer a few questions on our survey (all anonymous of course) or in the comments below and help us conceptualize the future of this thing?

Thank you so much. You’re like…so totally the best!

featured image: Compelling Parade

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  • bet you cant guess which poll was mine…

  • Can you add some type of RSS feed?

  • i think that the culture content is, at least in my eyes, viewed in the scope of having some type of significance be it cultural or theological (often both). I think keep doing posts in the way you are. I often think of TPQ as similar to except more diverse and less overt Christian viewpoints.

    I want to see and hear the pq peeps. so yes, more audio video. and yes to interviewing diverse people. yes to reviewing more culture.

    just my two pence

    • Thanks for your “two pence” Ryan. That is really helpful as we continue to visualize this thing…whatever it is.

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