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One giant step for…ME!

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You may or may not have heard that rich people are getting into the space business. This is good. This is very good. You know why? Because I didn’t go to MIT and then join the Air force and never eat complex carbohydrates and learn 7 languages. Basically, I was set up for failure in the space game. 

But, who ever said money cannot buy happiness was greatly mistaken. Elon Musk, founder of Paypal, Multi-billionaire and (most importantly to this post) SpaceX’s leader is bringing the moon closer to those of us who are not math wizards.

The privately funded Dragon capsule of SpaceX (Awesome name) today has docked with the international space station. According to the Daily Beast: 

The privately owned Dragon capsule has successfully docked at the International Space Station on Friday. This is the first time a private company has launched a spacecraft that has been snared by the robotic arm at the International Space Station. The unmanned craft, owned by the California-based SpaceX, was on track to deliver a half ton of supplies. President Obama is pushing commercial companies to venture into space so that NASA can save money and focus on landing an astronaut on Mars.

You know what this means? We are so much closer to me, Matthew Daniel Johnson going to space. I mean it is not happening tomorrow, but these “private funders” are going to want to make their money back and one way of doing it is offering space travel to you and me. Sign me up!

For more real info read it here at AP.

For live updates of the Dragon Capsule go here. 

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  • I stopped reading at “SpaceX’s leader is bringing the moon closer to those of us who are not math wizards.”

    My most recurring nightmare is that I have won a trip to the moon and I am being forced into the space shuttle against my will. Claustrophobia, hatred for space, etc. etc. You can see why it’s a nightmare.

    But it’s good that you have goals, ya know, Matt?

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