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Kester Brewin “Mutiny”

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Kester Brewin is releasing a new book. Are you familiar with Kester Brewin? If not, let me tell you a few things.  Brewin is a important voice in the world of church; emerging, emergent, post-emergent, post-modern church, ecclesiology whatever word you choose to use, he is a someone you should read. He is the author of past books entitled Other and  Signs of Emergence. In Other, Brewin meanders (in the best way) through his English neighborhood interacting with the other and allowing this to effect how he perceives God, church and himself. If you haven’t read it, you should. Signs of Emergence is more of a typical Church exploration book that in 2007 was new and fresh, but now 5 years later with the extreme rise of social media and the internet and how that changes everything, everywhere all the time, it seems a bit dated. But, still a book worth your time and attention. Plus he used words like Organic and Communal before it was cool.

In his new book Brewin talks about pirates. More specifically, he explores why we love pirates and what we can learn from them. Here is a piece from his blog where he talks about why he is self publishing,

TAZ – the Temporary Autonomous Zone. I’ve written about TAZ in my previous book Other, but in Mutiny I take the ideas there to a much greater depth. The principle of a TAZ is this: it is a temporary liberation of a time or place, in which new modes of being can be modelled. This only happens for a short time, as a way of confounding the systems of power who, by the time they’ve arrived to break up the party, find that it has already moved on.

Pirates were all about TAZ because they were able to exploit information lags in a pre-digital, pre-telegraph age. They were able to enjoy time ashore in some secluded cove or other in the knowledge that by the time the Royal Navy were informed about where they were and had sailed to find them, they would be long gone. It was, as one Royal Naval Admiral put it, ‘like sending a cow after a hare.’

He is self-publishing his new book here. Check it out.

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  • Interesting view on self-publishing. Following your own trail instead of one established by the big money guy… I get it! BUT… what about distribution? Why offer your book for purchase using the soon-to-be largest company in the world… Amazon? If being a Pirate is truely important to the author, not money to be made from sales… Kester would seriously re-evaluate how he offers his book to readers. What about the small, local bookstore or independently owned Christian bookstore. You know, those who are still trying to make al living and promote jobs in their own neighborhoods?
    Might be worthy of Mutiny style thinking?

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