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Introducing Mr. Foy Vance

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My wife and I started dating about 6 years ago. One of our rituals back in our young and uninhibited days was to stay up all night in my garage watching television. We would cuddle up on the couch, turn up the propane heater, open a bottle of wine, and watch episode after episode of Greys Anatomy.

It was there in that garage, wrapped up with the one I loved, the warm glow of the heater on my face and the sweet taste of wine in my mouth, that I first heard the sounds of Foy Vance.

The song was called “Gabriel and the Vagabond” and it softly played as the characters on the show hashed out some intense emotional scene. The second the episode was over I got on ITunes and bought all the music he was selling. I then spent the next three hours watching every Foy Vance video I could find on YouTube (check out Angels in Drag.) And as the sun came up and I was finishing my last video, I realized this obscure Irish folk singer named Foy Vance had just become my new favorite musician!

For the following 4 years I introduced everyone I knew to Foy. Friends and family alike all fell in various degrees of love with him. Unfortunately he never toured America, so we were all stuck watching cheap IPhone videos of all the shows he did in other parts of the world.

That was…until last year.

It all started one normal Monday afternoon.  I was scanning Foy’s blog when I came across this statement; “…I will be in Los Angeles in a week to record my next Album…”


I immediately emailed his booking agent, “Can we get a show while Foy is here?” They responded, “No, he is only there for one week and all of his time is devoted to recording the album.”

I emailed his manager, “Please…have mercy on us California fans…can we get a show?” He responded, “Foy is very busy and won’t have time for a show, our apologies.”

Finally in a moment of desperation I got on twitter and sent a tweet to Foy “@foyvance R U COMING TO CALIFORNIA? YOU HAVE TO PLAY.” A few days went by with no response.

Then the unthinkable happened.  Foy Vance sent me a tweet.  “@thechandler I am in California but really busy with recording, not sure I’ll have time for a gig.”

I nearly fell out of my chair. I jumped online and started a Facebook page called “Let Foy Play”. When the page got up to 25 likes I sent the link to Foy; “@foyvance look how many people want you to play here in California.”

He responded again, “@thechandler if you can get to 100 likes I will play a show for you”.

This wasn’t an easy task, except for me and my 25 closes friends nobody in Fresno knew who For Vance was. But I was determined and I started a campaign. Four days later I had 124 likes.

I sent a tweet to Foy, “@foyvance it’s official…100 peeps loving you on fb…”

Then I waited. Every hour seemed like a decade. Finally, by the end of the night, Foy responded… “@thechandler I’ll get going and let you know…”

Foy Vance kept his word and on January 31st 2011 at 11:30pm he played a small concert to about 30 loyal fans at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles California.

There are not sufficient words to describe the experience of that evening. I had managed to accomplish a dream, meet a hero, and hear what I believe to be one of the greatest singer/songwriters alive today. It was….almost spiritual.

This was my tweet from the concert floor during his final song… “@foyvance greatness is rare to see…thanks for showing us.”

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  • fantastic story. loved it and so heart felt i was there with you every moment. i to im a big fan and met foy in person a couple of times. his such a amazing talent and the best gigs ive ever been to including better than johm mayer. he saws above the clouds and the sky with his voice. so powerful but so gentle. i cant wait to see him again. thanks for sharing a wonderful story and proves anything is possible. peace love and light x

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