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If Jesus was married, where are the pictures?

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Have you heard? Jesus was married. I find this news to be especially interesting because my personal nuptials are happening soon.

Anyway, aside from the fact that Jesus is trying to steal my thunder, Professor Karen L. King of Harvard Divinity School has discovered a piece of papyrus that seems to indicate that Jesus was married. The exact line on the business card size papyrus is, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife’”

This is not a new idea. There have been rumors, stories and thoughts that Jesus could have/may have been married but there was nothing to indicate this. Some people thought that Mary Magdelene was his wife. Martin Scorcese even made a movie about it. As you can imagine his movie caused quite a stir.

King seems to have a great attitude about this documents, even going as far as to encourage other people’s interaction with fragment to maybe upend their conclusions. Some people are already questioning the conclusions. 

So, here’s the question, If Jesus was married does this change things? What were his floral patterns? How does this affect religious views of marriage and singleness? Do you think Jesus danced to Butterfly kisses? I don’t think the Son of God is that tacky.

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  • Oh man. Where to even start!

  • I’m looking at this issue from two different perspectives.

    1. Is it accurate? The consensus of scholarship at the moment seems to be inconclusive at this point. Some think it’s a forgery. Others think it’s too early to come to any conclusions. Ink tests need to be done. Lack of context seems to present exegetical difficulties: could there be something metaphorical going on? The fact that it’s dated to the 4th century is a factor; we have clear-cut cases of 1st century pseudepigrapha in which the content has been been conclusively judged as unorthodox. As centuries intervene, the tendency for legendary embellishment evolves. There is also the oddness of the Gospel’s silence of Jesus’ wife at the crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and ascension.

    2. Assuming it is accurate? – This would certainly disrupt pillars of tradition in the Church regarding the roles of women. Marriage would no longer be off-limits for Popes and priests. The live option of Jesus having sex would have to be considered. After all, bound up with being human is the notion of being a sexual being, thus illuminating dormant aspects of the nature of the Incarnation. It seems theologically naive to say that virginity is necessary for being sinless. Further, with sex comes the possibility of children, and so possibly a bloodline. There is also the consideration that it wasn’t at all strange for rabbis in Jesus’ day to be married.

    In sum, Jesus being married wouldn’t do anything to my theology, but it would be hatchet job on a lot of the fallible tradition of Churches, traditions that would be forced to accommodate this novel discovery.


  • I love this…. lets be honest.. how many guys have woken up from a wet dream they couldn’t help and wondered… “did this happen to Jesus? and was that a sin?”

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