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What’s A Gatsby? And Why Is It Great?

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If you HAVEN’T seen it yet, you probably have, here’s the trailer for “The Great Gatsby.” Which is apparently a book or something, I don’t know, I don’t read.

But OOHHHHH, my boy Leo’s in it. Also, funny?, I didn’t know Kanye and Jay-Z came out with an album in 1920′s.

So what do you think? Is it going to be good? Are you excited about it? Do you read? Do you think Leo’s best work was “Titanic” or “Growing Pains?”

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  • What is that song? Love it! TGG is one of my fav. books!! Looks great. You gotta wonder . . . Does the recent fascination with the story have anything to do with the Stock Market Crash and excess of the roaring 20s? Is history repeating itself? Is there a price to the American Dream? Is it an illusion? This story really does have it all! Notice the ever rising fascination with all that is ‘materialistic’? MTV cribs, anyone? Doesn’t Nicholas Cage own like a million cars? Isn’t it the norm for celebs to own a summer house here, a town house there, a party house here, and a couple other mansions on the side? There’s also the issue of social class: are you cool enough to be invited to the party? We sort of look at the over-the-top life style of Gatsby through Nick Carraway’s eyes. We’re overwhelmed, but there’s something about it that doesn’t smell right. I remember reading somewhere that Fitzgerald himself was inspired to write the story because of the excesses of the ‘Jazz Age’, even though he is notorious for tasting the goods, so to speak. That’s probably why the book is so well written. But the movie looks like it’s on the right track! It’s all about the Benjamin’s, baby! But even then, you gotta be invited to the right after parties. I really hope the movie explores the pitfalls of the American Dream and excess as well as the book! We shall see!

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