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Donald Miller’s Response To Jason Russell’s Detainment

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It’s important to remember that Jason Russell is a human being who deserves grace, especially during this trying time. I’m sure the past few weeks have been extremely overwhelming with both positive and critical response to the campaign. That is enough to take a toll on any individual. Even strong people such as Jason is described by those who know him. Here’s a great reminder of human fraility and the way forward by author Donald Miller posted on his blog shortly after this story broke.


“There aren’t many things harder in life than dealing with fame. And dealing with sudden, explosive fame is harder than anything most of us can imagine. The news about Jason Russell is unfortunate.

What he and the organization needs is compassion. This can either be the worse thing that has happened to them or work out fine. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Don’t gossip. Whatever you hear doesn’t really matter. Lets just not spread anything.

2. Admit this is an unfortunate situation but also that people are human and flawed and we all have our crap. It would be a mistake to demonize anybody.

3. Pray that those who need help get help.

4. Move on. Don’t dwell on this story because this story is a distraction. Keep working for great causes.

God works in the world the way crops are grown. He works slowly, with teams of people, quietly and through relationships. For all of us hoping for an explosive, sudden jolt, just know it isn’t natural and it jacks with your mind. Keep working, daily, digging our rows and harvesting our crops. Play your small part in the grand epic. Keep your head down, and don’t enjoy anybody else’s mistakes.

Much love to all those who have supported Invisible Children. You’ve done and will continue to do good work. Keep your chin up.”

Thanks for the tip, Sue.

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