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Do you think about Social Media and the Church? Me either.

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“Social Media is taking the world by storm. It’s literally all over the place. This Myspace thing is really going stick around.” Is what I would’ve written 8 years ago and if I wore socks with my sandals. We all know that social media is here and it isn’t going anywhere. Sure, it’s not going to look like it does not next year. But, the idea is going to stay the same and people are going to get more and more acquainted with their lives being mediated through it all.

So, here’s the question. What should the church do about? Well, Mrs. Verity A. Jones thinks about it over at the Huffington Post so you don’t have to. I, provide the link here so you don’t have to find it. That’s the beauty of Social Media we do all the work for you. Below (see how helpful I am?) is a taste of her article.

For example, consider this issue: Christians take embodiment seriously–we believe in a God who became flesh, after all–but is embodiment limited to face-to-face, in-the-flesh interactions? Tired arguments over what is real engagement and what is not real persist, usually suggesting that face-to-face is real and virtual interactions are not. But if we apply some robust thinking to this issue, these categories don’t hold up. People move seamlessly between virtual and face-to-face interactions all the time, and they don’t experience one as real and the other not. Sure, sharing a laugh on Facebook is different from getting a cup of coffee with a friend. But is it any less real that a telephone conversation with your mother? No. So then, how is Christian community embodied well online?

So, head on over to the Huffington Post for the full article. Or, if this hits a chord, talk to me about below in the comments. I mean it’s not face-to-face coffee but you can use whatever emoticons you want! Hooray!

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