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David Jang is the Second Coming of Christ?

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Are you ready for a long read? Well, bookmark this link for later if not because it is worth your time. David Jang is a influential member of the Asian Evangelicals and increasingly in the American Evangelical scene and Christianity Today has an article that says that people think he is the Second Coming of Christ. David Jang is a controversial leader and founder of Evangelical Assembly of Churches (not to be confused with Evangelical Presbyterian Church), Olivet University (not Olivet Nazarene University) and Christianity Today (Yea, not that one). At this point his biggest (and most irritating) crime is his inability to be creative and original.


So, go over to Christianity Today and read the article. It’s a little dry and long but it’s like that George Clooney movie a few years ago. Michael Clayton. Remember that one? It was a little tough going but you glad you pushed through? Use that same dedication to this article. It took me two days. Take your time. There is no hurry.

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  • Hello,
    My name is Mario Magaz. I’m from Spain. I’ve read the article Christianity today about Rev Yang being the second coming of Christ.

    I’m a member of the Unification Church founded by Dr. Sun Myung Moon. As Dr. Yang has admitted that he has he has worked for Sun Moon University until 1995, I’m quiet sure that he got to know The Divine Principle, the main teaching of Dr. Moon or knew Unification Church members. The description of the early follower Borah Linwas “the “Second Coming Christ”—not Jesus Christ himself, but rather a new messianic figure that would complete Jesus’ earthly mission” is exactly what Rev Moon explain himself to be.

    That’s why I suspect that Dr Jang has borrowed the Divine Principle and Dr. Moon‘s explanation about the second coming of Christ and applied it to himself.

    To us, Sun Myung Moon is the second coming of Christ, now ascended to heaven on the 3rd of September this year. But not by himself, because the main description about his mission is that of True Parents. The messiah is not a single person, but a couple. Because in the beginning God created Adam and Eve who should have become the True Parents of the human race, God’s children, creating God’s linage on earth. But because they both fell, becoming false parents to humankind, the Messiah, as a new Adam and Eve, should set right their mistake, becoming True Parents and creating for the first time on earth God’s linage on earth.

    That was Jesus’ his core mission that nobody until today understood. Jesus didn’t fail, but was rejected by the very people God prepared to accept and assist him. He died on the cross loving his enemies, knowing he couldn’t complete his mission on earth. That’s why at the end of his ministry he stared to teach about the second coming. Jesus returned in spirit after his resurrection and stayed 40 days with his disciples on earth. Yet that was not his second coming.

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