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Creationism/Evolution debate is not evolving.

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The Creationism and Evolution debate is one that does not seem to be evolving. According to this article by Katha Pollitt, “46 percent of Americans with sixteen long years of education under their belt believe the story of Adam and Eve is literally true.” The other side is about the same with a few percents left over in the “I don’t care pile”

Pollitt posits that this is a failure in the education system to truly show that creationism is crazy and if schools did a better job teaching science then less people would believe in creationism. That logic seems to follow, however it does not take into account the other, equally as legitimate side that creationism might be true.

This is a tough debate because on both sides there is a lot of what I’ll call, “unknowns.” I know, insightful and mind-blowing word choice. A lot of debate exists sounds like this,

“Creationism is crazy. A person or God created it all out of nothing? No way. Science has rules and that does not conform.”


“Evolution is anti-biblical and does not take into account an all-knowing and loving God who takes care of his creation. Adam and Eve are real. Anyone who does not believe is a heretic.”

I’m probably being unfair. To both sides. So, that’s bipartisan, right?

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  • The debate has not evolved, therefore evolution does not exist. However, someone originally created the debate that evolution does exist, therefore creationism does exist and, of course, is correct. What’s not to understand?

  • I have no idea what you just said Drew. I need a flannel graph of some kind.

  • Man if only I had a Flannelgraph…maybe I’ll make that your wedding present

  • the debate does not have to evolve because its now between closed minded people and people with empirical evidence. the only thing backing up creationism is the bible, (contradictory stories that were passed down by word for hounders of years before being printed). if any one played the game telephone in kindergarden you would know how accurate that would make the bible. So there is no reason to even discuss this topic because hopefully when there are all of the lost links in our DNA found u closed minded people can SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  • thank you for reposting my first comment

  • and your title is wrong, evolution is fact we have seen it in our world and society. it is “origin of evolution theory” that is widley debated.

  • It is natural to think that, if the other side just had the evidence you had, then they would see reason. That’s just how the human brain works. But I urge you to visit and spend a good, long spell there. The only debate about creationism vs evolution happens in the public arena. In science, there is no debate–the evidence supports one set of related conclusions that all point to life developing over time in response to stimuli from its environment, and probably originating with the same mechanism. Please, please, please do not add to the confusion. The only reason this is not settled is because enough people have decided that a magical book has to be literally true, and try to make reality fit that crazy conception. It is not sensible, it is not based in reality, and it is not science.

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