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Arrested Development Is No Longer… Arrested

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Back in April, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz confirmed that there would be ten new episodes of the show coming out in 2013 - each one spotlighting a different member of the Bluth family.  So, let’s talk about that…  The show will only be premiering on Netflix for instant streaming, as a precursor to the movie, which will be premiering next year.  Are you excited yet?

For anyone who has been paying attention over the past few years, you may recall that executive producer Ron Howard has been really pushing for this thing to happen, which has resulted in lots of rumors.  Three or so regarding the plot are floating around the internet as we speak. (No, I won’t be offended if you open a new tab and do a quick Google search) In an interview, Howard said that the idea to first bringback the TV show was a result of having to cram too much back-story into the movie.  This way, audiences will be able to play catch up on the last five years of everyone’s lives, and we won’t have to take up valuable movie time for it to happen.

I just don’t understand, if everyone is so excited, then why did that show have so much trouble with ratings? Everyone has all these vague things to say about it like “That show was so ahead of its time!” but it wasn’t really– apart from it’s unusually stellar cast.  At its most basic, it’s just a show about a dysfunctional family…  nothing new there.  I secretly think it was the lack of a consistent romantic plot line that made it hard for watchers to buy in.  It was also impossible to pick up mid-season.  Suddenly you turn on the TV and there’s Michael Cera telling some girl that he is “Gonna need a leather jacket when I’m riding my hog and I need to go into a controlled slide”.   Or Will Arnett saying: “For some reason women feel safe around you, maybe it’s because you’ve only had sex four times.”  That second quote was a little indulgent of me.  You got the point after the first one, didn’t you?  Sorry.

Then again, maybe it’s just deadly to combine such intelligent humor with being so deliciously silly.

So, what do you guys want to see happen in the movie?  Ok, I’ll start… I want to see Jason Bateman topless.  Anyone?

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